. Hydro-Organic Farming (Simple Solution Farming) - Castoponics

Hydro-Organic Farming is ‘Mother Nature’s’ Farming. The bridge between organic farming and hydroponics farming. This is where conventional farming was born from watching and observing how plants and vegetable grow along the rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, this natural observation and growing practice has changed.

Simple Solution Farming is mimicking Mother Nature by covering a small or large area of land with woodchips and start the system.  Grow in this area for the rest of your life and the soil will store the nutrients and get better years after year.  Mother nature never has to work to grow. Once you setup your simple solution farm you will not have to till, water, and very light weeding.

Our method of organic growing we call ‘Land Hydroponics`. We apply wood chips, Pete moss, oyster shells, or other hydroponic media on top off Organic soil used to produce fertilizer that is a more refined form of media with fewer impurities making them both more stable and soluble for better plant absorption. Organic fertilizers, in most cases, are very different than either hydroponic or soil fertilizers BOTH in composition; and in how they deliver the nutrients to the plants. Organic fertilizers rely on the synergistic action of bacteria and microbes to break down nutritional substances for easier uptake by the plants. Hydroponic and soil fertilizers provide nutrients in a ready-to-use form. While once, they were mutually exclusive, in recent years several outstanding organic fertilizers have hit the market in formulations refined enough for use in Land Hydroponics through a hydro-organic method.

Hydro-Organic is the process using compost teas and other water-soluble nutrients in Ph stable and inert media to grow.

Land Hydroponics- is using wood chips 8in+ deep and using hydro-organic process for the first 6 month to active the woodchips.

Both hydroponic fertilizers and those intended for use in soil contain the three major nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The major difference in hydroponic fertilizers is that they contain the proper amounts of all the essential micro-nutrients which fertilizers intended for use with soil farming DO NOT contain. The plants are expected to find these elements in the soil, assuming that the trace elements are in fact present. Problems can arise for the plants if any or all the micro-nutrients are not present in the soil or are depleted by successive (or excessive) plantings. This is common in soil farming.

Simple Solution Farming solves all your soil deficiency problems for life plus you will never have to water again.