. Owner Garden Consultation - Castoponics

Get a chance to interact, ask question, and learn valuable tools/techniques from the Castoponics Farm company owner(s) 1-on-1 to gain the maximum benefits of your life-sustaining system-YOUR GARDEN!  Ask us anything and we will be sure to get you the answer or close to it!

Be a part of a new way of sustainable, ethical Revolutionized Farming practice that works!

Price $99 hourly, including numerous gifts

Is your garden out of control and you just don’t know what to do? Do you have questions about your garden? Is the pest taking over your garden and you just don’t know how to get them under control? Unsure where/how to start your garden? Want to design an easy to maintain garden? Want a large yield in a small space? Tired of bending and crouching to pick weeds, kill pest and remove dead leaves from your current garden area? Setup a worm or compost bin? Setup an Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Hydro-organic (Land-Hydroponic) and Aeroponics garden? Not sure of what to plant and when in your regional area? Want to make your outside garden thrive year-round? Interested in growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, or ornamental plants indoors? Ready for a better way?  Our Garden Consultation is your own private class with instruction that is designed for your specific needs and success.

After 1 or 2 hours you will have the assurance that you can grow your own food. Showing you how to prevent major and costly mistakes.  Want to find out how to improve your soil? How and when to test your ph.? How to correct pest issues in your garden, hydroponics, and aquaponics setups without using ANY toxic products? How to design and setup your aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, hydro-organic garden?  Work to identify the best fish to raise in your climate and skill level?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a plan?
  • Want a large yield in a small space?
  • Too many pest and disease issues?
  • Tired of bending and crouching to pick weeds and dead leaves-want a better way?

Our garden consultation service is the perfect solution for growing your own food, the ‘Smart’ way! Designed to meet your individual needs. Providing layout concepts, advice, successful strategies, and one-on-one support. We have a passion for seeing our clients confident and successful; Giving hands-on individualized advice and offering a fast-track to success.

Like a personal class, we work together to reach your growing goals! You decide whether we spend one hour or two hours together – or longer, if needed!

Suitable for suburban backyards, patio/balcony gardens, retirement villages, communal gardens, and small urban homes. This service is great for beginners to your more experienced gardeners who desire the know-how to make better, more aware gardening decisions going forward to have a successful, thriving garden indoors or outdoors!

Why get Garden Consultation?

  • Provides remedies to common to more complex questions and delivers viable solutions;
  • Answers challenges and offers a reliable plan for your gardening and growing success;
  • Stops wasting your time and excess money by creating a functioning system of gardening that you want without straining or wasting time;
  • Individualized instruction that allows you to meet your goals and we provide you a source of assurance, because you are learning strategies and techniques that are invaluable from trained professionals;
  • Learn new strategies that will produce a plentiful garden indoors or out that you will love!

Find out how to improve your soil; integrate vegetables, herbs, or fruits into your current ornamental garden; use your small or large space efficiently indoors or outdoors; optimize planting each season for varieties that grow well in your local climate; which fruit trees and support species are best for your needs; how to prune to improve harvests; how and when to add nutrients or check the pH + much more! My goal is to bring you a solution to your gardening needs, in an ethical, efficient, toxin-free, and plentiful way as quickly as possible.

What does a Garden Consultation include?

  • One hour onsite with expert advice, virtual and/or hands-on assistance;
  • Pre-visit Questionnaire;
  • Action Plan Report brief summary post onsite visit;
  • Planting Resources and Resource List (a comprehensive time and money-saving guide to sourcing to plants, pest control, local and online garden supplies, etc.);
  • Complimentary plant material for your garden (seasonal cuttings or seeds);
  • BONUS digital Garden Journal Planner & Workbook with garden planning tools [Value $10.97].

You can also use this service for seasonal assistance, planting plans for specific garden projects; Learn more about Hydroponics, Hydro-Organic (land hydroponics), Aeroponics, or Aquaponics utilizing virtual or onsite coaching getting hands-on, individualized help in your garden. e.g., We will provide advice on timing your planting; setting up warm or cool season crops; container gardens; reinvigorating garden beds; what to plant where; compost and worm farms; pruning; crop rotation; maintenance; propagation; soil testing; pH testing; nutrient instruction; troubleshooting pest and disease problems; and so much more.

What if I prefer a Virtual Garden Consultation?

Price: First 20 mins. FREE! with first purchase; Addl’ $30.00 per hour fee after


Would you prefer a hands-on virtual experience? From the comfort of your home, business, land, wherever-if you have Wi-Fi we can connect!

Can I pay by installment?

Sure, when you go to ‘Book Your Date’ of consultation on our website, select the installment option!

How many hours should I book for consultation?

As a guide on average, a one-hour consultation is enough time needed for small suburban gardens to aid you in getting started! If you have more than one zone or several projects in mind, more time is likely needed, and we are happy to chat prior to booking. Large lots, brand-new garden designs and/or acreage, it is suggested you book an initial 2-hour site visit, so we have ample time to meet your needs. For larger acreage or organizations, we could need longer dependent on your needs.

Travel distance. (Calculator of miles?)


How does garden coaching work?

Upon payment, you will receive a:

  1. Downloadable PDF file for your ‘OnsiteGarden Consultation‘. Please read this booking information. I provide tips on maximizing our time together + details of the process to make it quick, fun and easy.
  2. Pre-Visit Questionnaire Formto complete and return. This optimizes our onsite visit time and helps you clarify what you want to achieve.


  1. Download your Garden Journal Planner Get instant access to my 28pages Garden Journal Planner. Packed with practical printable worksheets and templates you can use year after year to maintain your gardening success. [Value $10.97]

Can I purchase Garden Consultation service as a gift?

Absolutely! GIFT VOUCHERS are available for weddings, Mother’s or Father’s Day, housewarmings, birthdays, or any occasion. They also make an exceptional present for your staff. Gift vouchers are available in hard copy and digital formats. Valid for 12 months.