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The Miracle Glass Kit



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Sprouting Lid
• Durable BPA free plastic, non-toxic, 100% food safe and healthy.
• Dishwasher safe lid
• Made in the USA
• Non-rusting; non-tarnishing

Mason Jar
• 1 quart, wide-mouth jar

Seed Packet
• Non-GMO, Heirloom USDA seeds for sprouting. Includes 2oz. of broccoli sprout seeds and 2oz. of alfalfa sprout seeds.(4oz. total) Our seeds are tested for diseases such as Salmonella and E. Coli to ensure that you are buying food-safe seeds. The seeds are also tested for germination so that they will produce plenty of healthy, delicious sprouts

The Miracle Glass guide
• Sprouting Guide including detailed descriptions on Sprouts
• Nutritional information
• Easy to use step-by-step Seed Growing Guide for various seed selections
• Various recipe ideas for sprouts
• For informational and educational use only


This “Garden in a Jar” grows very fast, indoors with very little maintenance. Most sprouts take less than a minute or two per day to grow. You can grow sprouts year-round, nearly anywhere! Enjoy snacking, blending, cooking your various sprout options in 3-5 days!!
USA grown, only natural (non-GMO, non-hybrid, non-treated, and microbial tested) sprouting seeds with up to 99% rates of germination conveniently provided, grown especially for sprouting come with your Glass kit; along with a BPA rust-free, Screened Sprouting Lid with built-in stand for easy drainage and moisture control.


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The Sprouting Lid is designed to fit all Wide mouth Ball, Kerr and Bernardin mason jars, creating the perfect environment for growing super nutritious sprouts.
  • GUARANTEED: Ecological. Toxin-Free materials. Easy to store. Low in Calories/Fat. Tasty and Versatile. Simple, Easy, and Fast to Grow.
  • GROWS ALL KINDS OF SPROUTS: The Miracle Glass grows all types of extremely nutritious and tasty sprouts, including broccoli, alfalfa, mustard, mung bean and so many more! Sprouts are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and iron. The Miracle Glass kit turns your wide mouth mason jars into sprout machines!
  • MAXIMIZE AIRFLOW AND DRAINAGE: The Sprouting Lid has pegs enabling your mason jars to stand on the jars end for complete drainage, inhibiting spoilage. The pegged sides stop the jar from rolling and stabilize the growing environment as the jar rests.
  • NO ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES NEEDED: The 1 qt. Wide-Mouth Mason Jar, Sprouting Lid and GMO-free germinated seed are all you need to grow your crunchy, delicious, healthy sprouts. Simply invert the jar and the water easily drains! Eat and enjoy!
  • LID MADE FROM BPA-FREE PLASTIC: The Sprouting Screen Lid is made of BPA-free plastic with silicone sealing gaskets, so you can be sure it is totally food safe. You will enjoy growing your own superfoods at home and know they’re as healthy as can be!
  • BENEFITS: Helps in Digestion. Boosts Blood Circulation. Helps in Weight Loss, Builds Your Immune System, Improves Eyesight, Heart Friendly, Helps Reduce Acidity, Grows Hair, May Prevent Premature Ageing, and so many more!
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