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Who grows your produce and where is it coming from? Does your grocery store produce travel more than 10 miles to get to your local store ? If it does then 9 times out of 10 it has Toxic Pesticides On It!

How is it grown? Did you know, as a Tower Gardener, you will be 100% in control of your food source and the quality of your food, while saving significantly on the cost and of grocery store bought produce. No longer do you have to settle for wilted lettuce, bruised squash, waxed over veggies and minimal produce selection choices. Be in control of your diet and the foods you feed your loved ones with your own fresh, sustainable food source.

Good, Clean Food the Smart Way.


Aeroponics produce is loaded with flavor and vitamins. Using the Tower Garden Aeroponics system also increases yield up to 30% and grows 3x faster than conventional gardening making each harvest a bountiful reward. Also, you do not need to worry about digging, tilling and weeding-nor do you need a ‘green thumb’. It’s the pure, simple method to grow fresh, chemical-free food for the entire family!

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Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.  The new Tower Garden HOME is ideal for indoor gardening, while the Tower Garden FLEX is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors. Grow a healthier you year-round.

Good health begins with good habits, like eating Non-GMO and real organic foods. Tower Garden empowers you to easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-dense food using no soil.

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No green thumb? No problem. Our vertical, aeroponic garden systems allow you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or time commitment of traditional gardening. Grow greens and herbs indoors with Tower Garden HOME, or enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers with the Tower Garden FLEX. Each model takes up less than 3 square feet.

Dont Need To Be Gardener

No Green Thumb Needed To Grow With Tower Gardens

No More Excuses! Healthy Eating Is Right at Your Fingertips.


Introducing the home gardening system bringing fresh, nutrient dense, refreshing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers anytime, anywhere.

TowerGarden is easy to set up and maintain, turning your deck, backyard, patio, porch, kitchen, sunroom, even your office, foyer or classroom into a year-round accessible farmers market.

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Aeroponics: Simple. Sustainable. Grow Your Own Food.


Aeroponics is the process of growing plants without soil, using only water and nutrients. An advanced form of hydroponics, aeroponics allows produce and flowers to grow in the air or a mist environment.

Advantages of Aeroponics-

Uses less nutrient material to feed their plants; these exist within the systems self-contained environment that can easily control the waste products


Less water is used since the required water is supplied in fixed proportions and a controlled environment, furthermore, water is recycled in this system. This is very advantageous compared to irrigation where much water is wasted without recycling or in the traditional farming methods. This also reduces the farmers water cost hence lowering the production costs.

No soil is needed in this system; gardening is done without any soil and it only uses 2% percent of the water used on the ordinary planting. Furthermore, the plants grown with Aeroponics have a higher growth rate compared to the normal planting. The faster growth is contributed by a highly controlled environment with the availability of more oxygen, water and nourishing substances for the plants.


Large amounts of foods can be grown in small areas; this system requires only a small space and since the hydroponics produce faster growth of plants. The TowerGarden produces more food per square foot vs. acreage like the normal farming method.


TowerGarden Aeroponic systems allows you to grow year-round, at any season since they grow into their own controlled environment which is controlled and protected from predators like plant eating animals.


Less amount of time and work is required in aeroponics gardening; the amount of work needed is minimal due to the absence of the weeds that would require additional time to pull them.


Aeroponics is easy to grow in various places; this means Aeroponic crops can be grown at your home or a close market area; therefore, reducing the cost that could have been used in transportation and these automatically reduces the production cost, hence increasing the gardener profits. And eliminating the need for any pesticides/insecticides or waxes added due to distance of transporting the produce and having to preserve it.


Aeroponic plants will grow larger; this is because you have full control over the plant’s environment to the optimal. Plants get full access to all the nutrients that they require and in the right proportions. Plants are also said to grow 50% faster, this is because plants do not need to expand their roots to look for nutrients; they are already there in abundance and home aeroponics are said to grow extremely fast.


Aeroponic plants can be grown everywhere! With the normal farming or the soil

farming, there are multiple problems such as pest, climate, and soil diseases. With hydroponics, you have full control over your garden together with more optimal results.

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