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You can visit our farm by Invitation Only.

>We have an amazing Online Shop!  We are in the middle of rebuilding our aquaponics farm. We are the beginning stages of  setting up greenhouse and aquaponics systems. If you are interested in helping with our rebuild please email us today. With the subject line “Rebuild”! Thank you for your visit and interest!

A family owned farm

a little story about us

It all started from a dare. A friend of mine worked with me at a web hosting company and he was waiting to talk to me about a company issue; Unfortunately, I was on the floor but, on another call. Unknown to me this caller would be the start of a burning quest of food quality, equality, and individual sustainability. My friend overheard the support call I was on and it dealt with a website about a Hydroponic tomato plant growing up to 4 inches in one day. This was shocking to hear!

Organic Fruits

We offer organically grown varieties of fruits from our own small farm orchard and local-USDA organic small farms. Grown without the use of chemically based fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Just delicious, fresh selections to choose from!

Hydro-Organic Vegetables

Enjoy delicious, fresh, 100% chemical free bounty of our lush veggies. NO pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or antibiotics. Just simply- Straight from OUR farm to your table.

Aquaponic Fish

We provide ONLY quality, Dye-free, Steroid-free, Local farm-raised, fresh fish that is packed with All-natural nutrients. You will never find any antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal byproducts in our foods. NO imitations or artificial additives. Only REAL fish, no alternatives.

Why choose Hydro-Organic/Aquaponic Farms

Features of Castoponics Farm

Premium Quality

With hydro-organics, you have full control over your produce with more optimal results than traditional farming. 

Always Fresh

Our produce is year-round since our produce grows in their own controlled environment which is regulated and protected from predators, pest and airborne toxins/chemicals.

100% Natural

Our plants access all the nutrients that they require and in the right proportions. Hydroponic plants are also said to grow 50% faster, this is because the plants do not need to expand their roots to look for nutrients; it is right there in perfect, natural abundance.

100% Toxin and Chemical FREE Guarantee

We only offer the BEST! Our produce and quality meats have NO Chemical pesticides, NO Herbicides, NO Insecticides, NO Synthetics, NO GMOs, NO Artificial Colors or Preservatives. Only genuine, honest products.

Super healthy

For maximum nutrients and care of our products; we NEVER include Animal By-Products, Steroids, Antibiotics, use Soil fertilizers, the use of Irrigation & Sludge, need Vast farmland, Tap water which contains fluorides & chlorine,  & weeding is  an unnecessary task; so the use of pesticides, herbicides, or  insecticides is never needed!

Best Quality

Our process is without multiple common soil-based farming problems such as pest, climate and soil diseases. Only the best, natural nutrients are used to care for our produce.

Castoponics Farm

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