Castoponics Farm LLC.

EST. 2015

We are a family owned & operated, Aquaponics and Hydroponics farm
specializing in growing hydro-organic vegetables!

It all started from a dare. A friend of mine worked with me at a web hosting company and he was waiting to talk to me about a company issue; Unfortunately, I was on the floor but, on another call. Unknown to me this caller would be the start of a burning quest of food quality, equality, and individual sustainability. My friend overheard the support call I was on and it dealt with a website about a Hydroponic tomato plant growing up to 4 inches in one day. This was shocking to hear!

I then, asked the website owner, “was this a real plant?”  “You must be using some type of chemical growth like miracle grow or something?”, I said.

The website owner pleasantly responded,” No it is not Miracle Grow,” she added the “ fast plant growth is truly one of the powers of growing naturally with Hydroponics.”  She said, “read my website and email me any questions you have.”

Later that day with my friend, I shared my encounter with the introduction into hydroponics and the tomato plant she grew with the astonishing claims of enormous, fast plant growth, that is all natural. No chemicals used.  My friend was in complete disbelief; he said, “that doesn’t look real to me at all, and if it is, you would have to be a scientist to get it to work!”

I, of course, had to look at her website at this point. A challenge was brewing between my friend and I.  I read about her use of 13 main nutrients for plants on her website and thought simply, “I don’t know -It really does-not look that hard!”

And, of course came a bet. My friend bet me that I couldn’t make ANY plant grow and it is a waste of money. I quickly said, “Ok, you’re on- watch this!” I revisited her website that night and read everything I could. I downloaded her hydroponics maintenance sheets and anything available. So I thought, I could simply go to my local Home Depot store or Tractor Supply and buy the nutrients I needed to start up my hydroponics endeavors, but I found out quickly that-that was NOT the case. I had to go to a Monk Monastery 50 miles away from my home in the North Georgia area to find hydroponics nutrients. Needless to say, I live on the Southside of GA!

There they grow bonsai trees and they had 1 bonsai tree that was 300 years old at the time. They gave me various products like Dyna-Grow, liquid seaweed, and some trace minerals. Many miles and hours of research later I was on my way…

So I went and got 6 tomatoes plants and begin applying her maintenance sheet. In my initial trials, I lost 4 plants and then realized all my mistakes. In the end, I grew 2 tomato plants with vines that grew over 43 ft long and tons of tomatoes hanging off the vines! I did it! My friend could not believe it! He instantly wanted to know more! So, I begin to show him, as he then began to build all types of small systems from my current growth success practices. At that time, I was doing this as a hobby and have continued consistently for about 12 years.

Then, with the growth of my plants and increased awareness of my food intake, I started noticing more and more aliments starting to show up in my immediate family. I started to think and began realizing there was a pattern being created between my families means of food intake and their direct health.

Then, one midday evening, I met this beautiful young lady, that unbeknownst to me, would walk this journey of ‘Food Revolution’ as my partner and confidant. Initially, she and I began talking about some of these patterns, and she had been witnessing this too in her own family! Her mom was in the medical field and she was raised with the understanding of ‘You are what you eat!”  How certain cancers feed on all your organs, including your brain.  That chemicals ingested on a daily, regular basis into your body is deadly.

So, we begin to talk further as our time together grew about some solutions for our own inability to find organic or better meats and produce in our own local area. A light then came on! I suggested, “Let’s start our own small hydroponic garden, so you can see what I mean about better than organic produce. We can grow our own food, that is healthy, and we are in control of our own food intake.” She exclaimed, “Let’s do it!”

Of course, I started with tomatoes, they were actually Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. The first time she tasted them she said, “O’-My-Goodness this is amazing! I have never tasted a tomato this good; it is so big and juicy, and I taste nothing, but tomato, no fertilizers or after-taste.“ After this, she could then easily and regularly taste and identify  the dirt and chemical essence in the store bought tomatoes and other fruits, herbs & veggies once her taste buds were exposed to a cleaner product. We both knew this irregular taste was a problem. Further due diligence of research further affirmed; The reason behind all the possible ailments in our families and those of our friend’s health. Chemicals and bi-products are being put into our foods.

So, this led to our mission TODAY.  To inspire individuals locally and globally to build sustainable food systems that are equitable, profitable, fun, and ecologically sound; empowering people to control their own food source. Sign-up for our Castoponics Newletter, and find out our strategies on growing solutions, that work!